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First grovia and I am in love. Will these feelings continue?

Yesterday I got a grovia shell with two stay dry soakers. I love love love it.

I love how soft and stretchy and comfy is seems on lo (currently 4 months)

I love how it fits. My poor 3 year old had to try it on and it fit her, so I know size wise it will last.

I love that the shell will last through more changes because of the waterproof back on the soaker.

I even tried it at night. My son slept half the night on his tummy and half on his side and nursed two times and this diapers lasted 11 hours without a booster. Even the mesh inside the shell was dry.

I want to have only this kind of diaper. Does anyone have all grovia hybrids in there stash and still love it?

I'm a little worried that I love the first impression too much and it won't last. Will my thoughts on them change when we start solids?

Does anyone use this shell with a different soaker?

Thank you.
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