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Re: What Did Morning Sickness Ruin For You?

1rst pregnancy - craved chocolate milk. The smell of ovaltine makes me feel green now, and the innocent joy that comes with learning you are pregnant. I lost this baby in my 14th week and I was never the same person after that.

2and pregnancy - those dang Worcestershire sauce commercials where they say "try it on a burger!" and then they pour it over a cheeseburger. Even now I can't watch them and I hate the smell of it. I will leave the room if DH puts it on his steak.

3rd pregnancy- I craved yogurt BAD and I puked it up often. It took until pregnancy #4 before I could eat it again, and that was four years later! Oh and during my whole pregnancy I craved chinese food and during especially strong cravings when I was at work I'd eat those freeze dried chow mein boxed noodles. The sight of them grosses me out now.

4th pregnancy, Love spell fragrance. I was infatuated with it. Wore it, used it in my wool wash and BAM.. pregnancy and I had to sell it all because even the faint smell seeping from the containers makes me want to puke and my baby is two now. LOL Oh and "baby's first day" or whatever it was, the tv show. I was unexpectedly pregnant and petrified of going through that all over again. Watching that show made me a hot mess. Watching it now brings back all that anxiety I felt.

ETA: WINTER. (don't read this if you're pregnant)

I used to love fall and winter. When I got pregnant with ds4, it was a really bad time to be pregnant. My dh and I had some distance between us. I would dream out of sadness every night that I was with my family at my parent's house and it begins to snow heavily and we leave and begin trudging up into the mountains in nothing but street clothes and pretty soon I can't see dh or the kids.. or anything and that's how it always ended. I had "lost" them in a blizzard halfway up the biggest mountain I have ever seen and I'm so cold and empty. Even now, and especially now I suppose the thought of winter, snow, makes my heart race and makes me feel so empty and sad. I was depressed during my pregnancy and for a long time after. I hope this year we can make some positive memories to erase that for me since it was always one of my most favorite times. I used to wait for the snow with as much excitement as the kids.

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