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Re: Paleo & Primal Chat August/September

Hi Ladies! Hi AmberP!! We have just completed the Whole30 (paleo/primal challenge).My husband and I are on strict Whole30 rules while my boys are eating most everything we are. I do NOT make seperate meals for them just because they do not care for something. However, I do give them organic sprouted bread occationally with breakfast or to make a grilled cheese sandwich or the occational cracker. Rarely do I buy anything boxed or processed. I also am not limiting their dairy at this point.

Right now I am feeling really BORED with what we eat. Do you ladies have any favorite recipes and/or websites that you get your ideas from. I am feeling like we are eating the.same.thing.all.the.time! Spacifically with lunch and breakfast. Poor hubby has been taking boiled eggs for breakfast every morning! Quite frankly I am getting tierd of eggs myself.

I am also thinking of slowly trasitioning us into the GAPS diet as I feel like I need a more thorough elimination diet for myself as I have just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease this past spring. I have to be gluten free for sure but am unsure about dairy/night shades/legumes/rice.

TPLmommy~ I just made your waffles today for 'sandwhich' bread. It was really tasty! Thank you for the recipe. I LOVE how easy it is. Have you made it with no honey before? Did you follow a GAPS intro meal plan or did you just jump right in It kind of is intimidating. I like things spelled out clearly for me.
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