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Originally Posted by hpfgirl
These are awesome diapers and if you can afford a whole stash of them, go for it. After about 1 year, we had to use them with boosters. They stopped fitting DS at around 25lbs because of the booster.

Poop always gets on the cover, so I don't recommend a ton of extra inserts. Maybe a ratio of 3 inserts for every 2 covers or something like that.

If you have the hook and loop covers, you have to line dry them to make them last. I found that this wasn't an issue because of the nature of AI2 systems - you can still throw the soaker in the dryer.

I also love BGE and have a bunch of those, and I really like pocket diapers for night because they feel dry and baby sleeps better.
Thanks. I really do love them. I have been using cloth for a little over three years and never tried them before because of cost. We have some extra money coming soon though and might be able to get a full stash.

I'm actually thinking I might get enough for 12 changes and keep 12 prefolds with some of my flips and get 12 Aio or pockets to round it out. I feel this would be a stash that would give me enough variety to not feel like I need to try more but still be simple enough to fill my need of thinking everything must be the same.

Anyone else love them or have ideas of what else I could try? I love the narrow crotch and softness.
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