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Talking 2 MRFB's of awesome knits!Plus a FRE of knit/FOE/elastic/thread/labels!:)

Im needing some Paypal to pay some of our bills this time to declutter a lil more!

First up is a girly stuffed FRE of FOE,Tons of elastic,a couple labels(kinda boysih lol),2 new spools of woolly Nylon thread,some teal cotton velour(perfect for soakers),and a cut of Sweet Pea measuring approx. 21"x30" plus
Asking: $22ppd

Next is a gender neutral box of knitsBoombox knit 1 yd minus 1 DC/scraps~Rock guitar 1 yd~VHTF sushi 25"x37 1/2"~Rainbow Ooga 1 yd minus 1 DC~Multicolor Owls 2 yds minus 3 DC's
asking $40ppd(shipping is $10.90,so only paying $5.82 per piece!!)

and last but not least!is a STUFFED character box!1 new pair XL South Park knits pants,plus HTF Transformers woven 1 yd piece plus a large other piece!,the following fabrics are good size!Spongebob,Marvel,Green Eggs and Ham,Donkey Kong,plus tons of scraps for tees/applique,or diaper wings!!!motorcycles,Spiderman,Marvel,Mario/yoshi,Curious george,Spotted dog,Cat in the Hat,Star wars and more(not all scraps are pictured..i kept gathering lol)!This will provide hours and hours of fun!
asking $48ppd!

Naomi~Wife to 1Mama to 4
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