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Originally Posted by sweetgrace
TPLmommy~ I just made your waffles today for 'sandwhich' bread. It was really tasty! Thank you for the recipe. I LOVE how easy it is. Have you made it with no honey before? Did you follow a GAPS intro meal plan or did you just jump right in It kind of is intimidating. I like things spelled out clearly for me.
Glad you liked it! I have done it without honey & it's still yummy. Better for egg sandwiches & turkey, etc. We mostly make PB & honey though so that tastes better when I leave the honey in the recipe. I know PB isn't paleo, but it's GAPS.

We limited grains to once a day for a month & then jumped into full gaps, including dairy. You're supposed to detox from dairy & re introduce it slowly but we weren't ready for that yet. We could probably do it now though, we are down to an occasional bowl of yogurt, a kefir smoothie a day & cheese as toppings on chili, eggs, etc. & butter on our veggies. Oh & my latest obsession, creme fraiche ice cream. So yeah, maybe at our 6 month mark we will eliminate dairy.

For breakfast ideas...we do pancakes made with nut butters & squash,muffins, coconut waffles, fruit clafoutis, smoothies, grain free granola & yogurt, cauliflower "bread pudding", & my new favorite n-oatmeal. Here's some links:

I reduced the temp to 250-275 with this one ^

Hope that helps!
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