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Re: First grovia and I am in love. Will these feelings continue?

I had 95% GroBaby stash with my daughter who is now 3 1/2, many of the shells were rotated out to GroVias, as I had a small stash for a long time (8 shells, 16 soakers!) and with my son I have 24 AIOs and 12 hybrid shells and 18 stay dry hybrid inserts, even though Nana was kind enough to gift him with the AIOs, I could very easily live off of just the hybrids and be completely content. I did add boosters with my daughter after age two, but I kept those all for DS as they were in great shape, so he will have plenty of them to use. My only regret is that I sold my nature snap shell when I needed some money and now I miss it. And somewhere along the way my mandarin snap shell was lost, and I miss that color too. The thing I love about hybrids though is that I can cycle covers in and out independently of the inserts. I could easily live off a stash of hybrids, and half a dozen prefolds, half a dozen fitteds, for under my wool that I also love.
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