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Re: lost my hbac.....:-(

I hope you will come to have peace about it. I try to think of it as maybe you will end up with a reason that you were grateful to have been in a hospital. Somehow I feel like things can work for a reason...and maybe you won't know until later on.

For me, I was hoping for a VBAC with my youngest...and I was a great candidate for it. At the last minute, my daughter had a heart condition that even though it turned out to be minor, they wanted her OUT at 39 weeks because of the large percentage of stillbirths that happen after 39 weeks with babies that have a heart condition. As it turned out, 15 minutes before my c-section, my baby was having major decels on the monitor, and when she was born, her cord was VERY tight around her neck twice. My OB told me that I would have definitely had an emergency c-section with her because there is no way she would have been born vaginally with the way her cord was....I was disappointed with a repeat c-section, but it quickly went away when I realized that things could have gone horribly wrong if they had gone the way I had planned.

I wish you a wonderful birth experience...even in a hospital!
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