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Pumps covered under Obamacare

So I have heard that the cost of a pump is covered under Obamacare that started Aug. 1. Has anyone else heard this? Does anyone know if it is a manual pump, electric pump, or is that up to each insurance company? I am currently borrowing a pump from a trusted friend. But I have to give it back soon. I know I have to wait until open enrollment at work, which is September for me (I'm a teacher). But I can't find out how to take advantage of this. My insurance company's website is no help. Any ideas/answers?

PS - I also heard that your workplace MUST provide you a private, clean pumping area that is NOT a bathroom. How do I get my work to enforce this? My classroom is not private because it is connected to a stockroom that I share with 3 other teachers. The door to the stockroom has a large window and no lock on the door.
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