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Originally Posted by senyaj79

According to Obamacare, which took effect August 1, 2012, your workplace MUST provide you a private, clean pumping area that is NOT a bathroom. So all you women that are pumping in a public space or in a is your RIGHT to a more private area.

My problem is, how do I get my work to enforce this? I am a teacher; my classroom is not private because it is connected to a stockroom that I share with 3 other teachers. The door to the stockroom has a large window and no lock on the door. The staff room is also not private because teachers are always walking in and out.
It would be your employers responsibility to create a suitable place. I'm lucky in that my work had a Mother's room before I started... This law was passed a few years ago in California, so it's something employers had to comply with for a while now.
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