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Originally Posted by ~marti26.
I don't have any of the inserts yet, but I have 5 shells and I love them. My baby is only 9 weeks so I only just decided that I prefer the snaps over the h/l. They're both great though. The only thing I don't love is one of the prints I got. just doesn't make me happy like the others do. I have really been debating about whether to take advantage of the Flip sale or get more Capris and Grovias. I've never used Flips so I'm torn because I LOVE the brands I have. Suggestions? This should've probably been a new thread. I hope you don't mind OP?
Don't mind at all. In my opinion I would say get more grovia. I have not tried capris. I do love our flips but the grovia feel like they will last longer and they are so soft. I do not like that pul touches my babies skin in the flip if I trifold. That being said I really do love our flips just wish I had gotten grovia sooner. I will probably sell some flips to get more grovia. Maybe others have other thoughts though. You will get more responses of you start a new thread.
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