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Your name: Nicole
Starting Weight: 248
Current Weight: 175.8
Short-Term Goal: new goal now: 173 by August 29th, my one year weight loss anniversary
Long-Term Goal: 148 by January 10, my 28th birthday
Weight Lost to Date: 72.2
Weight Loss Plan: working out daily and eating 1200 calories a day.

Feels great to meet my goal! I'm only a tiny bit over but I'm thrilled to see 175 on the scale! I hope to get to 173 by the 29th bc I'll be able to say I've lost 75lbs in 12 months and that'd be awesome!

I've been so careful w what I'm eating bc of my gallbladder and luckily I've had no issues than the other night. Being away from home is making it a little tricky to eat bland food bc my only options are dining out and some snacks I packed, mostly kid stuff.

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