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When does the pain go away?

My dd is 8days old and has not been able to empty my breasts fully... There are a few hard spots on each breast that don't really go away after a feed plus I fill up super fast so for the most part I'm in a fair amount of pain with these bad boys. I'm trying not to pump (although I have had to a few times just so I don't die) because I know that will tell my body to keep making this much milk. It's almost laughable that just a few days ago I was crying bc I didn't have any milk and dd was hungry since apparently now I could feed all of Texas.

I really don't like nursing right now, it's like a chore that I have to do to relieve the pain. Everyone I know loves breastfeeding and acts like it's such an amazing bonding experience but I don't get that and it makes me feel sad for the bonding that could happen but isn't
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