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Re: First grovia and I am in love. Will these feelings continue?

Originally Posted by jamie714 View Post
Thanks. I really do love them. I have been using cloth for a little over three years and never tried them before because of cost. We have some extra money coming soon though and might be able to get a full stash.

I'm actually thinking I might get enough for 12 changes and keep 12 prefolds with some of my flips and get 12 Aio or pockets to round it out. I feel this would be a stash that would give me enough variety to not feel like I need to try more but still be simple enough to fill my need of thinking everything must be the same.

Anyone else love them or have ideas of what else I could try? I love the narrow crotch and softness.
If you love the fit and narrow crotch of the hybrid shell and plan on adding some AIO to your stash, give the Grovia AIO a try. It's an awesome, trim fit. And it's OS
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Canadian? Have you checked out the awesome deals through Wagjag?
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