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Re: Should a Child with Hand Foot & Mouth Stay Home From Daycare?

Originally Posted by Paislie98 View Post
DS never got a fever and luckily his blisters never popped or oozed. The dr said he could go back after the 24hr fever rule and as long as his blisters were dry or not open. He was so miserable thought that even though I could have taken him, I didn't. He needed snuggles and daycare although wonderful, can't sit and snuggle just him all day.

Dc needed a note from dr clearing him. Dr did say it was contagious in his poop for the next month.

fantastic point! If your child is fever free and allowed to return, that doesnt mean they should be at daycare. I dont keep kids here that are miserable and obviously need a lot of TLC, even if they are fever free. Kids have to be able to keep up with the pace of daycare, sleep only at nap time, eat meals when served, take our daily walk, etc. If they are crying all day and making everyone else miserable, they need to go home. I dont offer sick care and my definition of "sick" goes past just a fever.
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