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Re: Parenting labels. Anyone ever break free?

Originally Posted by kelpie169 View Post
I never labeled myself but others did. I basically do what works for us. I feed us a well as i can within our budget. I try to buy as many "good" toys as possible. We cosleep and I've breastfed my second and he's 18 months and I'm ready to pop being pregnant. Never did those with my first because he had medical issues. I get pain meds during birth-have NO interest in doing it naturally. We did circ our boys but if I could do that again I wouldn't. We fully vax only because I our oldest's medical problems. It's just what works for us. I minimize the risk and take the risks that I can live with. I'm neurotic enough as it is so I pick my battles.
That sounds a lot like me! My first was mainly formula fed for a variety of reasons. Was circ'ed. My second was EBF and intact. I wish we had not done our first, but I don't worry about other families. We did the family bed until they transitioned on their own, both boys were around 3 years old. I wore them a lot. But I'm all about cheap walmart and dollar tree toys We do healthy and unhealthy foods, we love our mac n cheese and hot dogs

It's been quite a parenting ride for sure, finding what works for us.
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