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Re: Co-sleeping families who live in extremely cold climates...

honestly, we don't live in a super cold climate, but we turn the heat down to about 50 at night and usually sleep with the window cracked! But we can sleep naked under a blanket and be warm! The body heat is amazing. That said, I usually put my LO's in wool longies or a soaker, babylegs, socks and a long sleeve long john shirt. I don't use my down comforter when they are just a few weeks old, but after that, I do. My comforter is warm but light weight and also, my babies have been able to bat away covers from the beginning. Sometimes *I* use the comforter and have them on the other side of me with a smaller cover. As I said, the body heat in my bed with DH, me, the 2 yr old and now the 11 wk old...I will prob be sweating!
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