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Re: When does the pain go away?

Hang in there! I did not really start enjoying bfing till my LO was 3 months (due to latch issues and supply issues) It probably won't take that long for you, sounds like you are off to an AWESOME start! Once he got better at nursing, and my supply regulated, I stopped leaking so much, and didn't feel that pain except if I missed a feeding. It gets so much better! For me, having breastfed my lo, and bottle fed my others, the bonding is not just in the nursing! I found sitting down, holding my baby and taking that time to enjoy the cuddles was the bonding experience! Not specifically the breastfeeding. The only difference was that I got to enjoy the cuddles a little longer with a bfing baby. My older ones would hold the bottle and want to be sitting but fairly early, whereas my bf baby had to cuddle with me to get fed! Just keep it up!
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