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I love my Grobaby diapers, and I'm hoping to get some Grovia ones to add to my stash for something new, plus they made the rise higher when they updated the diapers, and we are going to need that soon. The inserts are starting to show some wear on them after about a year of use, but with my stash of only about 24 inserts (we have prefolds we would use sometimes, but the Grobaby inserts are used almost exclusively most days), I think they are holding up pretty well.

I was pretty unimpressed by how long the OS AIO I had lasted. That was a Grovia and not a Grobaby diaper. That was used and washed every 3 days or so, so maybe it just met the end of its life.

I love that I can snap a few inserts in and give them to my MIL when she watches DD2 and for her it is just like changing a disposable!

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