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Re: Parenting labels. Anyone ever break free?

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
Honestly, the only parenting philosophy I really subscribe to is from Dr. Ray Guarundi. He says that if you want exceptional kids, you have to parent exceptionally -- i.e., you are your child's parent first and foremost, not their friend and they don't need to "keep up with the Jones's" So, basically just because little Janey has a cell phone does not mean that my 7 year old needs one too because they come fraught with possibilities for bad behavior.
Amen! Some were just horrified that I buy into the commercialism of Disney...**gasp, the horror** Some got mad because even though I'm very pro-nursing and nursed my second until he self-weaned which happened to be 3 years, that I don't think formula bags should be banned from hospitals because it's still a choice what a mom wants to to do. And the list goes on. But as I said, then those are not 'friends" to begin with.
Originally Posted by JennTheMomma View Post
It is totally their loss. AP, mainstream, crunchy, all those come in variety. It's not an all or nothing thing, and I don't understand those who think it is.
Now I don't. But sadly I had the same mentality when I was so gung ho. I felt like it was mission to correct people's parenting. How awful was that And I would have people tell me 'do you know how ridiculous you guys sound with your extreme ways and ZOMG I'm calling CPS on every little thing?'
Now that I've stepped back, I see that And I hated that I was ever so mean to anyone. BUT I'm thankful that I didn't stay in that spot, but chose to work on myself first and foremost.
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