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Re: Parenting labels. Anyone ever break free?

Nope, no labels, stereotypes, or subscribing to "philosophies" here. Like my siggie used to say, no labels, just me. I don't parent by philosophy, I parent by my kids.

I do some things that might be considered AP-I BF, I use a ring sling, use natural consequences etc etc. I also FF (*gasp, it's possible to do both?!?!? just kidding ), use a stroller and I spank. I will NEVER bed share because I believe it is 100% dangerous, but my youngest will be 2 in a month and she's still in our bedroom. I made chicken and biscuits completely from scratch last night, no cream of chicken soup, no bisquick, etc, and then this morning I got a Coke from McDonalds for breakfast. I don't go to church and am pretty sure no divine being exists, however my 3 girls are the only ones among my parents 8 grandchildren who are baptized and I was the only one of my siblings to get married in a church. I believe in sending my kids outside every day, but right now they are plopped in front of our 42in tv watching the Care Bears Movie.
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