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Hmm.. I think the only label I have given my self and don't mind would be "baby wearer" but it never started because I wanted to be labeled. In fact, when I started wearing my babies it was because a) it felt natural to me and b)I was fed up with Dragging infant cars eats and strollers around. But I didn't even realize their was a label for it until I met a group of ladies who were "baby wearers" while i was researching new carriers. I think the only reason I can even label myself that is because I don't actually own a stroller.

Other than that I can't even try to label myself because I would would make a terrible (insert label here) we do co sleep because baby won't sleep alone. I try to feed my family healthy, but when we're busy, you will find us at the local Wendy's or chick fil a for lunch. And Often at dairy queen for an ice cream. We don't keep sodas or junk food in our house, but I never tell my kids no if offered it at a friends. We did circ Our sons, and we do occasionally spank. But we choose not to vax and we don't bother with "well baby/child" check ups.

I guess I'm more in the label of "whatever works for our family"

Like the PP poster, I just wish we could all get along and stop labeling and judging each other over parenting styles. I have often said "I don't understand why they do this with their kids" but I try my hardest not to actually judge a mom for it. Every child is different, every family is different and every parent needs to parent the way that works for them, even if their methods are outside of the box.

CONGRATULATIONS op, on shedding the label. If your friends are ditching you over organic toys, then you don't need them anyways! should see what my posts look like BEFORE auto correct.

Originally Posted by mcpforever
Nope. Can't get away from those labels. The little people who live in my house STILL call me "Mommy."

Hahahaha too funny!! And soo true.

Edit: ps....I've never read a "parenting" book! When we need parenting advice, I usually talk to my mom or my in laws. We figure dh and I turned out all right, so they must know a thing or two. I've never met an authors kids so how can I trust their parenting advice?

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