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Re: First day. Lots of tears

I feel ya! When my daughter started K I was a mess. She was fine, was all 'bye mom' no issues, I however was not, I had taken the first 2 days off work thinking that I would need to be there for her and bla bla, nope, I cried, literally for 2 days while she was at school. I couldn't leave the classroom, I couldn't bring myself to move, if someone looked at me I would start crying. I finally ended up leaving, but I was the last one to go it was bad. She just recently left for summer camp and I had the mom of the girl she was going with take them to the bus, I knew it would be the same. I went to work that day and just like you, somone asked how the send off was and I just started crying, I creid all damn day it felt like. I am such a baby!
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