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Re: Should a Child with Hand Foot & Mouth Stay Home From Daycare?

Thanks for all the opinions! Lots of different ideas. I'm guessing even among Dr's the advice is all different.

DD got what I thought was a heat rash in her diaper area on Tuesday. No big thing, she gets heat rashes all the time. Thursday afternoon I get a panicked text from DCP asking about hand foot & mouth. (And then several more before I even get home to assess the rash, but that's another story.) Yeah, she's probably got hand foot & mouth, but if she'd gone to daycare for 3 whole days with it and no one knew and if she was contagious before any rash appeared, the damage has been done to the other kids. Obviously, I don't want to make other kids sick, but by that point I was a little hard-pressed to understand the panic about it. You'd think I brought in meningitis or something.

ETA: DD never had a fever and has not developed any mouth sores at all. In everything I am reading, the rash itself is not contagious, just your saliva and nasal secretions, much like a cold. And of course anything the kid licks or sneezes on, which could be everything. lol

Both girls stayed home today and I arranged a payoff of our DCP contract, which was up next week anyhow, and arranged for alternate care next week. I was tired of the drama associated with this person and the conditions in which we were asked to leave still sting, as it's become increasingly apparent it wasn't an arbitrary business decision. (She tried to con me out of an extra $120 to pay off the contract, too. Glad I was paying attention to the math. But that's unrelated, really.)

She'd asked me to take the kiddo to the Dr for a DX, but I'm guessing she's no longer interested in that since she's got her money and no further obligation to us anymore. I'm not forking over $250 to have a Dr. point out the obvious to me. Blah. I don't do drama but seem to find myself surrounded with it lately.
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