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Re: Anyone else just ready to be done?

I am so done. I am back at work now getting ready for school to start after a easy summer (4 weeks vacation and not much going on at work when I am work). The heat just about did me in this summer, I have no patience left for anyone.

The boys came at 36 and 37 weeks so anytime after Aug 27th that this one wants to make an apperance I will be perfectly fine with it. I just need to hang in there and get DS1 into school. first day of Kindergarden is Aug 22. with all the crazy hormones I am even more emotional about my first baby going to kindergarden.

DH better not fire anyone at work until after this baby is born cause if he can't take a week off like he has the last two times I just might loose it.

Oh and I am starting to freak out that I am going to go into labor at home in the evenings when it is just me and the boys. DH is a good 30 min a way at his job and the hospital is a 30 min drive. DS2 was born in less than 20 min from the first "oh crap this is a contraction,--then water broke, your at 10cm push him out" (I was luckily at the hospital for a regular appointment, DH didnt' make it to the birth--he got there 30 min after DS2 was born)
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