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I am definitely in the "do what's right for your family" camp. I've never walked in your shoes, so who am I to determine your path?
I cloth diaper, breastfeed, extended rear-face, babywear, watch my kids' diets, but only in moderation, my kids are circ'd, and we definitely vax on schedule. We encourage respectful dissent, are atheists, spank as a last resort, but will do so if we feel it's warranted, and I cook 5 times a week. The other 2 are take-in days. I love epidurals so very much, and the hospital is my friend for l&d, but the thought of having a c-section terrifies me. I definitely leave my babies for getaways and mom & dad breaks.
I am a complete hodge-podge of labels, and I am very comfortable with that.
Happily married, Mom of C (15), M (3), and E (1). Expecting a very big surprise baby on 3/25/14.
WAHM of hand-embroidered creations in my Etsy shop here.
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