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Re: Parenting labels. Anyone ever break free?

I am always so happy for me I waited till my 30's to have a kid!! I read forums but no books while pregnant but Ina's birth book. I went in with no expectations but to watch DS, follow my gut, and not let others negatively influence me. My age had already taught me (not that others can't learn it younger), that other people's opinions can often be crap, their judgements are always crap. I long ago learned labels are pointless, so I did my thing, made it clear it's my thing, others need to do theirs, no judgement from me. And so far no one has bugged me, I opened a few eyes to other options in parenting, and have really enjoyed being a Mum. Which I agree is a great label

Forums did teach me about ERF, EC and BLW, so those were outside learned, but we EC'd our own way. I stuck to BLW cause it was easy and DS loved it, but he did get a few spoonfed foods. We co-slept cause of ease and DH that first night could bare to put him in the crib. We CD'd cause I loved them, used natural products due to my sensitivites, we don't have loud toys cause I hate them, we have tons of characters cause we all love them, and a bunch of other stuff, cause it was worked for us.

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