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Re: Share your "schedule" with me..

Mine are older than yours but you can still probably get some ideas. We start with bfast, then 30min-1hr of cartoons. Sometimes those two are switched, most of the time we don't watch cartoons because they want to take their time eating. Afterwards we do school work. DS isn't HS'd but I like to do a little so he's ready when school starts back up. DD's "school work" is going on starfall. Then we kinda do free play, either playing inside or swimming. During that time I make their snack. After snack we do art/crafts. You can get a lot of stuff for this at the $1 store, watercolor, pipe cleaners, foam stickers etc. Usually after that it's lunch time.

Before we moved would go to the mall because they have soft play areas. They don't have them where we live now. Hopefully these ideas will work for you.

eta It's probably easier to see the routine in a timeline.

0700 Wake up & Eat
0745 Homework/Reading Eggs/Starfall
0845 Art/Crafts
0945ish AM Snack
1145/1200ish Lunch
1300-1500 Nap/Quiet Time
1700ish Dinner
2000 In Bed
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