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Re: Share your "schedule" with me..

I currently only have a 21 month old ds. dd is due next week and I'm sure that will change our schedule up... but for now, our schedule looks like this.

7:00- wake up

"help" mommy make breakfast and clean so that it takes an hour. We also talk about the food. The colors, the shapes, texture, what he likes/dislikes etc and I also talk about what we will be doing that day.

8:30- shower/bath time. We do this together and have LOTS of toys. He particularly likes to fill up the little stacking cups of water and pour them from one to another. He also has little plastic animals in the shower and we pretend to clean them.

Then we get out of the house until noon. Depending on the day, this will be going to the grocery store, the park, the library, a indoor play place, an errand, the post office to ship diapers, etc.

11-11:30- We start lunch. We either go out to eat or I bring along healthy "snacks" that count as lunch for him to eat wherever we are at the time.

Noon- Naptime. I stick him in the car and we drive home. He's asleep by the time we get home. I bring him in and put him in his bed and he sleeps until 2-2:30.

2:30-4:00- Quiet play. We color, do puzzles, read books, play with blocks etc.

4:00- Snack time.

4:30-6:00- Daddy comes home! Play remote control cars, go outside to play fetch with the dogs, blow bubbles, play with chalk, throw rocks, play at the water table etc... They do boy stuff (I cook dinner)

6:00- Dinner. We eat as a family, talk about our food, tell daddy what we did during the day (ds doesn't talk... so I tell daddy what we did in the form of questions so ds can shake his head yes or no about the activities we did). Ds is usually done eating before we are and will play with his toys by himself for a little bit.

7-7:30- We actively play with toys, practice our colors/shapes etc., wrestle, etc.

7:30-8- Drink a bottle, get ready for bed, brush teeth etc.

8:15- in bed.
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