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Re: Fess up......who's excited that school is starting back.....

Nope, I am not...not at all. However that could be because I am a wohm and it just adds a lot to my schedule when she is in school. I get up eraly and dh takes the kids after I leave, so I have to get everything packed and ready the night before. Lunches, bag, pick out school clothes, pack the diaper bag (for the baby who isnt in diapers, but that is what I am used to calling it.) Not to mention adding homework to all of this in the afternoon when I get home, the complaints, the metldowns over hours and hours of homework. The teacher who gets on my nerves, the influences that my daughter brings home, the every few weeks we need to by something else or sell something else. Ahhh! no, sorry, I am not looking forward to it at all, and as you may see from the sound of this post, I am having a little bit of anxiety over it!
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