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Re: There's yogurt in my bathtub!

It turned out beautiful!!! It's so much creamier and thicker than I ever imagined it would be. I thought that I might want to strain it (with what strainer, I have no idea ) with some cheesecloth, but we let it set for 8 hours and then put it in the fridge, and it totally doesn't even need to be strained.

I was totally incredulous about the cooler being able to hold the correct temperature of water for long enough, but it worked perfectly. Yogurt making is like 1 part microbiology, 1 part cooking, and 1 part pure magic! I haven't tried it yet (I promised my boys we'd all have a bowl together when they woke up from nap), but I'm expecting it to be creamy and tart (we omitted the sugar and vanilla and used plain starter because my family is strange and likes plain yogurt).
I feel strangely empowered by my yogurt making experience
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