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Re: Corporal punishment in school

Originally Posted by Dmpmercury View Post
Wow. They didn't even have that when I went to school. I would not be ok with that and my kids are going to a school that is big on discipline. I am fine with having clear consequences and I will not be a helicopter parent but I don't think physical punishment is ok especially from another adult that isn't related. I don't think that is a good message to send that other adults can hurt or touch them like that.
Yup, that would be my concern as well, and probably one of the main reasons that most places have phased it out. I trust my family & closest friends with scolding my kids when they need it, or even handing out non-physical punishments, but as far as physically handling my child in some way, I am not comfortable with anyone but me & DH.
In any case, if my child did something extreme enough to warrant corporal punishment at school, it is likely an indication that they need some long-term correction at home (after a serious meeting with the teacher regarding the behavior), and thus, a paddling at school would probably be ineffective anyhow.
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