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We don't get outing due to having one vehicle but here is our schedule. I have a 3 year old and 2 year old and a 4 month old.

Wake up eat breakfast.

Get everyone dressed and ready for the day.

Watch one of our educational shows. Like leapfrog or something.

Then free play while I clean or clean with me. At that age I would give him a wash cloth to play with while you dust or let him put the plastic dishes in the dishwasher, even if they are just thrown in. My kids love to clean now. He could hold the pillow on the floor for you while you make the bed. ....

Then I take time to read or play a game with them.

Lunch time them naps. Baby is on a different nap schedule and 3 year old has quiet time but does not sleep.

After naps I like to have a structured playtime - craft, coloring, painting, blocks, bubbles, color on the window, voice balls. ... This isy chance to start dinner after I get them going.

Them more free play or help me make dinner.

Dinner then time with dad. Reading it wrestling or whatever dad decides to play

Baths and bed.

This is our basic schedule but but each day can varry depending on the needs of the day.

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