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DD2 is that age. We just found the duplo blocks at the thrift store and she is loving that. She also likes to squish play dough and mix the colors. We color at the table. Most the time we throw the ball for the dog or kick the soccer ball.

6:30-7 She gets up
7:15ish we eat breakfast (she won't eat half asleep)
9-10 nap time sleeps about 2-3 hour
11-1 lunch (time depends on nap length)
2/3 snack time
5/6 dinner
6/7 bath (every few nights, or if she is being cranky)
8/9 bed

The in-between times we free play with the above mentioned activities. If its nice we go to the park, or walk around the mall or even just for a drive. DD cant be stuck inside more than one day before she is bouncing off the walls. And tv is always playing in the back ground.
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