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Just curious

Just curious. Now that most of us (who are) have found out gender- Did you do anything to sway for one gender or the other? Did it work?

We were trying to sway BOY and we got a BOY. Here is what we tried:

Timing BD on/after OPK confirmed Ovulation
DH switched to boxers (from boxer briefs) 2 months before starting TTC
Stuck to a higher salt diet low in calcium, drink coffee, apple juice, etc. (this was not a change for us, just happened to be what we normally do).
DH drank a cup of coffee about an hour before BD
BD position conducive for a boy
Laid with hips up for 30 minutes after BD to get the "boys" as close to the egg as possible

(can you tell we really wanted a boy this time after 2 girls?)
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