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Re: Halloween Costume thread

pictures on page 5 as I have a few people pm me for them

We have SO many boy costumes it's not even funny. I might try to destash some of them if anyone is interested. I am guessing the sizes, I will check later and check with the kids that they are done with it. We have:

Pirate of the Carribeen Jack Sparrow - this is bigger, maybe 6-8
Star Wars - obi one kenobi, darth vadar -mask and cape and costume. I made a brown cape for obi one kenobi out of jersey knit.

Christmas elves - these were an xmas costume, hat with elf ears and bells on it, super cute for pictures.

Knight - like steel mesh(but fabric) pants that cover the shoe and a top with a hood and I think a crown. Came from Ireland. Think size 7/8 ish. Could range from 5 - 8 as it's a two piece.

Spiderman with muscles/Reversible to black spiderman. Mask seems to run small on this - mask is fabric. More like a size 3 or a small 4 year old.

Transformers - bumblebee and optimus. Think we might have 2 versions of optimus. Probably age 4-6, mayb one is a 6-8

Ben 10 - Swampfire costume and mask, think 6-8, but worn by my then 5/6 yr old.

Cowboy boots - actual real boots in a few toddler sizes.

Some components of indiana jones - hat, vest,shirt, whip should be somewhere - hid from kids. Pants were his own khaki's, think I may have them still. Fit my then 7 yr old, but could go much smaller IMO

Buzz lightyear from Disney store - with wings, gloves and purple hood. Gloves are a bit tattered. Size 4-6 I believe. toddler wants to keep for now, might sell closer to halloween/changes his mind frequently

I'll check what else we have and post. Let me know if interested and I will check costume size or post before that.

ISO ....??????No idea, kids can't decide although I'm loving that curious george/man with the yellow hat idea. Last year I was willy wonka and LO was oompa loompa.
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