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Re: Pumping at Work

Originally Posted by senyaj79 View Post
My problem is, how do I get my work to enforce this? I am a teacher; my classroom is not private because it is connected to a stockroom that I share with 3 other teachers. The door to the stockroom has a large window and no lock on the door. The staff room is also not private because teachers are always walking in and out.
At school we have multiple options for pumping - dressing rooms usually used for the play, storage rooms with no windows, the dark room, etc. But if I were you I'd talk to the other professionals who share the storage room with you. I would suggest that you ask permission to have the custodian install a slat lock or heavy duty hook and eye closure, which would prevent someone from going through the storage room into your room. If there is a window from the stockroom into your room, you can cover it with fabric on velcro. As long as the other women know you're pumping, chances are you will not even be bothered when the curtain is up, but just in case, you would have the lock. You can discuss this with your supervisor as an "easy and free way to be compliant with current federal laws." You could buy the lock if you wanted! They probably have an extra one from an old bathroom door, though!
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