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Originally Posted by babylove921

The tv is always on here too. But that makes me feel like an awful parent.
I don't stress it I did the same with my oldest who is almost 12 and she is high honors in middle school, band student, plays soccer, has been in school since she was 2 weeks from 3 (she PL'ed to go to school so I had to make it happen). She was an only child till 10, never lived around kids has tons of friends.

A child is who they are because of how we raise them. It's hard work being a mom, and I hate quiet so we have music or tv on in the back ground. When my daughters get tired they sit on the couch and snuggle with me an watch tv.

Some times I think to much activities can be an even more over load than tv. Your brain needs time to process the info and zoning out is part of that process. If we like to unwind watching some tv, or get creative juice from it why do we think our children are not the same?

Example my youngest refused to go to bed so we started the movie in bed (don't judge) it is Elmo and a VHS, after about 1 week she now is going to bed without it again. I watch her cues on what she wants and go from there.

Don't stress about not being a good mom. I believe that since you question it then your doing right. Our jobs is to help them get along in this world, and the world is no longer how we grew up. As moms we have to adjust and overcome it, this means questioning everything we do. Hugs it gets better.

ETA Pintrest rocks for crafts and things to do for kids! Mine screen name is Ennedelia Duncan
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