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Re: Livid.

Well I wouldn't be happy, but I do think that's part of the "sport". I just know from our Tae Kwon Do if a child yawned/didn't pay attention, they would certainly bring attention to it, maybe ask them to do some push ups etc since they are "bored". I don't agree with pushing down and what happened, but I can definately see it happen. When you sign up for marital arts, it's definately a very different approach to most other sports. Our instructors keep them in line, but crack some humor too esp if the child seems afraid or upset saying they want them to have fun too.

Is there another parent who you know that was present? I have an 8 yr old and his version can be different to the actual version sometimes.

Also, sometimes kids that age get embarressed more so about an event. I know my 8 yr old refused to go down a water slide at our local pool as a lifeguard yelled at him for coming down backwards. I had to push him to go back and said, well now he knows that he can't do that, so it won't be a problem again.
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