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Does anybody love those Dappi pull-on covers?

I know, probably a long shot. They're basically the old school cloth diaper covers that your mom used. But they seem kinda cute to me, and a huge bonus is that you can dye them!

So, does anybody love these? Anyone dye them? I'm thinking of getting some to try since they're so inexpensive. Hoping they'll fit on some baby chicken legs!

EDIT: So, I got some... and I dyed them! The whole dye thing needs some work (I tried to get dark green and got some muddy green color, ew... tried dark gray and got BLACK haha). The colors that did come out are gorgeous! An orange color, a light green, a pretty blue that reminds me of BG Mirror, a dark teal, and a deep, bright red.


Atticus looking very confused at the flash...

The pretty blue color here in the middle, between a GroVia Surf and a Flip in Mirror.

Excuse the terrible pictures... my model kept crawling away! WHAT! He just learned this. I did NOT expect him to be crawling at 6 months old!

And here's a bunch of them together, including the accidental black one.

They are bleeding color a little bit, but I'm hoping it stops soon so I can wash them with the rest of my dipes. :P
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