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So apparently I was lost in the July thread still Amy came and rescued me though so here I am! . I can be so dull I swear, I never even noticed!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the little ones who have celebrated already! And congrats to us mamas for making it through year one with new members of our families!

Naomi, LOVE the Peter Pan theme. The photo booth is adorable and so are your kiddos! I'm glad your camera didn't lose the pics.

Amy, how you got up the next morning is beyond me! What a day you had! How are the wasp stings and your bruises doing?

Allison, Peyton is too cute! Isn't it funny how you never really longed for somehow until you knew you were getting it? I totally understand that because I feel that way too.

Stacey, dgs is so stinking cute! It's sweet of you to throw him a party and take them to Disney! Have safe travels!

Steph, boys have grown SO much!! Luke looks like such a big boy now! The bead bucket looks like it was fun, I might have to steal that idea! Glad Vinnie enjoyed his cake finally!

Hallie, love the new name and avi pic! I hope you'll share pics of the cake too, I'm sure it turned out great!

Sabrina, I'm right there with ya on the memory lane trips. I find myself thinking about so many things from the beginning and I can't believe it's been a year already

Jacky, Maverick is way too cute! Love those eyes!!

Melissa, Mary is such a beautiful girl. Her eyes smile as bright as her mouth! Love her little piggies!

Afm, im loving all the pics and updates! I'm taking the three youngest to the zoo today and ds1 has a soccer tourny all day and Dh is taking him. Dd is nearly running these days so this should be fun, it's her first trip to the zoo!
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