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I would try a nap right after lunch. That is about 3 hours after waking. As an example my DD today got up close to 8 she just went down for a nap. It's 10 am. She has always taken a nap about 2 hours after waking up. She will not take another map today. She cut out the afternoon nap where as most cut out the morning nap.

After lunch I would let him take a nap. Now if he is playing in his crib then thats ok too and he will be doing quiet time. Let him stay there or 90min minimum as long as he is not screaming bloody murder. I let k cry sometimes as long as she is not screaming she is ok (and she is the type to make her self sick during a fit). The key is consistency on your part. Same time every time. We started using shows as timers. So at 7:30pm Dr McStuffins is on Disney JR. So we will say after doc it is bed time ok. We also have her say ok so we know she understands us. We eat dinner every night at 5ish unless it's soccer then it's 6.

A routine only works if you enforce it and if you are willing to not vary from it for the first week. After that it will become second nature to you both and this creating a happier house. My DH went away with my older for a week on a mission trip. YDD and I stayed home, this gave me time to get both her and the puppy on a much needed schedule and they have been on it ever since.

If DH is not on board with having a schedule at first tell him tough. I need this for my sanity. I had to do that with DD1 and DH. It's ok to say I need it's to make our life all work as one. Look at it like a well oiled machine. You need to work out the kinks.

ETA a baby who is not getting enough sleep will get into trouble and throw fits all day long. A child with no structure does the same. (not saying you not doing structure or sleep). In order to counter both of these routine I've key an consistency is the building block.
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