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Originally Posted by loveramongstars

If I file for child support, my ex says he'll go for full custody and then give it up for adoption. (short story...)
Just so you can convey this to him- this will never happen. A family court judge would never ever take a nursing infant away from its mother. If anything you ex would be permitted visitations in your presence for the first year and then gradually (and I mean very gradually) he would be granted more one on one custody. My step son is 4 and we are up to almost 30%. Unless you physically give up your custodial rights then you will more than likely be your child's custodial parent for the greater part of it's childhood. Additionally if you have your baby out of state (you're going to work for Disney, no?) and file for child support there, you can pretty much guarantee yourself a court bias as the odds of him prepping and traveling for something like a child support hearing are slim.

I have tons of info on this stuff if you ever want to PM me.

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