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I have a 21 month old that we just transitioned to the second bedroom a couple months ago. I really, really didn't want to do CIO, but I was running out of options. What we ended up doing was after we went through the normal bedtime routine and say ” night night”, put her in her toddler bed (she can climb out of her crib) and I wouldn't comfort her after that. The first few days I would sit right next to her bed and place her back in her bed if she tried to get out, gently saying ” night night”. The next stage was sitting about 3 feet away, and after that I was right outside the bedroom door. She did cry, and sometimes for over an hour, but I was right there.

This isn't ever what I wanted to do, but she just wasn't transitioning on her own and I ended up sleeping on the hard floor most nights and being so sleep deprived I was afraid to drive.

What I'm getting at is sometimes we have to adjust what we are willing to do out of desperation. You will know when that is. Hugs to you, mama.

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