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Re: Parenting labels. Anyone ever break free?

Originally Posted by MamaNae View Post
I don't give myself the AP label but I do do lots of things that happen to be AP (I cosleep, with my 4 and 2 year old), we don't ever do CIO, I baby wore (not so much at home, but out and about), I breastfed all mine for over a year.

We also homeschool so I fit into that label (homeschooler). I'm a SAHM so that's a label. I'm generally politically liberal. And I'm a Christian. I choose to wear skirts every day (I can't even remember the last time I wore pants aside from cullots occasionally).

BUT I pierced DD's ears when she was an infant (and if I have another daughter I'll do it again), we rarely buy organic (it's not in the budget), we eat McDonalds once in a while, my kids drink sprite now and then, we eat cheetoes and chips and other horrible-for-you things (we keep Kool-aid in the house at all times). If homeschooling really isn't working for one child that child will go to public school, I'm okay with this. It works for DS, it's working for DD...we'll see how DS2 it...out upstairs is chock full of plastic MIC toys. I'm okay with all of this. If people don't like it I truly do not care...
Hey, I'm a Christian and liberal myself!

My kiddos love some cheetos. And they get those $2 Happy Meals once a week. Especially right now since they toys are Sponge Bob!
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