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Tell me about your chart system!

I'm implementing a behavior chart today and wondering if this is a good system for my 4 yo son. He is very defiant, whines a lot and has trouble listening, especially when Dad is home!

I printed off a behavior bucks chart and paper bucks. He gets one buck everyday and if he misbehaves it gets taken away. Also he can earn one extra one by allowing me to brush his teeth without a fight, listening, not whining, eating his dinner and behaving through bed time. If I warn him that he won't get his buck because he's not following one of these rules and he still chooses to disobey then he doesn't get that extra buck. What do y'all think? Is it too lenient? If he's an angel all week then he can earn $14 and pick a toy of his choosing from the store. My concern is that even if he acts up half the time, he still ends up with $7! Is there a better system? I know I can't expect him to behave a whole week, at least not yet. Maybe when he's older and gets used to having a reward system in place.
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