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Re: Those who go to chiro for their kids

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
See, my thought is this. I am healthy and have a functioning body/immune system and I don't go to the chiro. If you are needing to go to the chiro all of the time in order to "maintain" a healthy, functioning bodyimmune system, then perhaps the adjustments themselve require you to get additional adjustment.

As I mentioned, I had a problem and had to be adjusted frequently and then discovered that the physical therapist was able to actually fix the problem rather than temporarily relieving symptoms. I no longer needed ongoing treatment because the problem was fixed. To me the goal is not to need treatment from any provider on an ongoing basis. If the chiro isn't correcting the problem, then I would find a different chiro or a different specialty.

I guess that I get the impression that doctors, physical therapists, speech therapists, etc. all have a goal of cure. They want to fix the problem which means that you no longer need them. On the other hand, chiros don't seem to have this as an end goal. They are all about the ongoing, long term, adjustments, which leaves me wondering whether these individuals would be better off with a PT.
Do you take daily vitamins/supplements or probiotics? I view those along the same lines as chiropractics. While I have a functioning body/immune system without them, I feel they help my body/immune system perform at it's optimal level.

And I completely agree with the second bolded to an extent. I'd like to think most chiros have an end goal when it comes to treating an illness/problem, but I guess when your practice involves keeping the spine correctly aligned and our everyday movements cause it to shift constantly, there are sometimes needs for maintenance visits.

Sorry for the thread hijack, OP.
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