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The tpu backed ones stay flat, the old grobaby ones get all bunchy though.

I loved these diapers for a while and started converting my stash to them but actually destashed most shortly after for a fee reasons:
-the elastic is tight and would leave crazy marks and even welts on my dd bc she's got chubby thighs. I had to do them tight to keep the 3x/day ebf poop in, plus she wasn't mobile yet so always sitting or being held and the elastic just bothered her. Also bc of this the rise snaps would dig into her thighs and leave imprints and looked uncomfortable
-I don't like os things bc of the rise snaps leaving marks on big thighs (see above)
-if you use anything but tpu backed soakers the mesh gets wet and stinks=can't reuse the shell
-they are "trim" and narrow thru the crotch, but actually give a bubble but bc the diaper is concentrated in the thin center part of the butt. A pinned flat under a cover is much more trim and comfy

That said I kept 3 sets of the shell/soaker and still occasionally use them as aio.

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