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Re: Pumps covered under Obamacare

Originally Posted by senyaj79 View Post
PS - I also heard that your workplace MUST provide you a private, clean pumping area that is NOT a bathroom. How do I get my work to enforce this? My classroom is not private because it is connected to a stockroom that I share with 3 other teachers. The door to the stockroom has a large window and no lock on the door.
As another poster has said it depends on the size of the company and their existing structure. If they don't physically have a place for it then the law can't mandate they build onto their existing structure to provide it. Honestly I'd find a mini curtain rod, there's even magnetic ones, and make them replace the stockroom door knob with a locking one for you. I found it was much easier to stay as close to my assignment as possible because it allows you even more time to pump. Also it may be more comfortable for you. I don't actually have the time at work to pump since yes they are obligated to let me have the break but it doesn't mean someone will step in and do my work so no pumping unless I was really lucky. I did a 7week school course during the summer last year and had 18mins lunch break to pump, eat, potty and get across campus. I have totally pumped in public hiking across campus eating my sandwich. I would pay fat cash for a discreet slim pump I could wear and work without anyone knowing!
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