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Re: Those who go to chiro for their kids

Originally Posted by z2akids View Post
See, this whole - we see the chiro every 2 weeks thing is what gets me. If someone said that they went to their doctor every two weeks as preventative care, people here would be up in arms over the quack doctor who was just gouging your for $$. Yet, people see nothing wrong with going to the chiro every 2 weeks for the same reason.

I have never looked into research on the actual effectiveness of chiros. I personally had some back problems. Tried the chiro for a bit and would get a little temporary relief (that's with going 2+ x a week). Well, our insurance changed, so I switched to a physical therapist and within several weeks or working on specific exercises and treatments, my bask issue was cleared up entirely and I haven't been back to either the PT or the chiro. I do periodically do the exercises that the PT gave me.
That is how I feel as well! I do think it really helped for my specific issue where I had inflammation in my spine due to falling down the stairs, and it had been ongoing, and eventually led to my leg going numb. I saw her 4 times and it is now great (maybe it would have gotten better on it's own anyway, lol), i really do think it helped though. I would not go routinely. Same as i do not go routinely to the doctor.

If everybody needs adjustments all the time, well you start going to chiro, then you need to go all the time because the chiro says so. Of course they say so, they want you to come back. Chiro manipulations seem so unnatural anyway, LOL. I also wonder when I walk around or just bend or stretch my back cracks. So am I just clicking myself out of alignment again? Or am I maybe cracking myself back IN to alignment, lol.
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